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capa Richard Carpenter (Carpenters Solo) - Time (mega Raridade) (CD)

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Gênero: Música Internacional
Ano de lançamento: 1987

I think this album is, in my opinion, and quite controversially, as good as anything the Carpenters put out. Of course, it is missing Karen's vocals, which leaves a huge yearning. But this album should not be judged on that, as Richard still has the nack for writing (and interpreting) some of the best songs with the most beautiful melodies. It is awash with synthesisers and programmed reverbed drums, but this does not take away from the music, which is absolute class.

Say Yeah: (7/10) Definitely the weakest track on the album. I used to hate it. Upbeat and very tacky, it has some extremely cheesy lines and the lyrics clearly are not up to much. It is a cover song.

Who do you love: (8/10) Also tacky and a cover song. Quite upbeat. After listening to these first two tracks, you think Richard has changed direction, but, fortunately, 7 of the remaining 8 songs are all ballads in the classic Richard style.

Something in your eyes: (8.5/10) sung by Dusty Springfield and written by Richard, I think this was released as a single. Good luck finding it. A beautiful ballad.

When time was all we had: (9/10) An acapella song to start with, then a horn solo with Heb Alpert, and some virtuoso piano playing. This is an interesting song and touching dedication to Karen.

Time: (10/10) A gorgeous instrumental with choral backing vocals, and a memorable synth line. I love this Richard penned track.

Calling your name again: (10/10) This could have easily graced a Carpenters album. It is the first time we hear Richard sing one of his own ballads. On Carpenters albums I noticed his highlights tended to be the catchy, upbeat numbers. (Think 'Saturday', 'Your wonderful Parade'). I think his voice here is excellent and the synths have this really memorable recurring motif. Beautiful and delicate.

'In love alone': (9/10) Sung by Dionne Warwick, this is a song written by Richard, originally for Karen. Dionne sings it beautifully and it is a touching song, with a gorgeous melody.

'Remind me to tell you: (9/10) A cover song, sung by Richard. I love this song and I find the vocal line and the prominent bass (synth?) gorgeous. There are some lovely lyrics too, with lots of similes, giving the song a picturesque feel. The chorus is also fantastic.

'That's what I believe': (8.5/10) The third of the trio of upbeat songs, this is sung by Scott Grimes. I actually don't know who he is, but he has a decent voice, although his youthfulness is clear. Good song, self penned by Richard.

'I'm still not over you' (10/10) This is the brother song of 'calling your name again' a gorgeous self penned ballad, with similar synth motifs and a lovely melody.

An exceptional album. Unfortuantely, if you do a search for it on the web, or on a Carpenters website, this album is rarely mentioned, as it has been deleted for ages. Such a shame.

Track listing

"Say Yeah!" (Paul Janz, Pamela Phillips Oland) – 3:51
"Who Do You Love?" (Mark Holden, Peter Hamilton, Gary Pickus) – 3:15
"Something in Your Eyes" (featuring Dusty Springfield) (Richard Carpenter, Pamela Phillips Oland) – 4:13
"When Time Was All We Had" (a dedication to Karen) (features a flugelhorn solo by Herb Alpert) (Richard Carpenter, Pamela Phillips Oland) – 3:03
"Time" (Richard Carpenter) – 3:34
"Calling Your Name Again" (Richard Carpenter, Richard Marx) – 4:19
"In Love Alone" (featuring Dionne Warwick) (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter) – 3:22
"Remind Me to Tell You" (Mark Mueller) – 3:54
"That's What I Believe" (featuring Scott Grimes) (Richard Carpenter, Pamela Phillips Oland) – 4:28
"I'm Still Not Over You" (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter) – 4:51
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